GQAS Standards

Board members of GQAS develop and revise GQAS Standards on a regular basis. We offer accreditation to various types of F/HE organisations.

Board members of GQAS will lend their professional expertise to the development of best practices that will form an accountability framework for further and higher education (F/HE) organisations seeking accreditation for courses offered to students at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Our accountability framework seeks to ensure that accredited institutions continue to offer well developed programmes that prepare students for their chosen fields of work, and that they continue to meet the standards set. The established framework also helps to ensure the accredited institutions continue to grow and meet the needs of students and the business world.

Serious About Best Business Practices

GQAS is committed to developing and nurturing continuous improvement in the working relationship between ourselves and the F/HE organisations we accredit and monitor. To safeguard this relationship, GQAS develops a series of best practices that provide a functional approach to common issues that may arise, and practical suggestions for both parties.

Educational bodies operate within a global society where the rules and regulations that guide and inform business practices are forever increasing in number and complexity. In order to maintain a reputable industry, accreditation bodies are now more proactive, passing on information to each other more frequently, are becoming increasingly aggressive about enforcement, and are resolute in their stance concerning their expectation of accountability for institutions. GQAS’ best business practices serve as a guideline and deterrent to unlawful practices among institutions of further and higher education.

GQAS uses the UK Quality Code for Higher Education and the Framework for Qualifications in the European Higher Education Area as external references.

Purpose and Scope

GQAS Standards are a part of our Constitution, and are binding on all our members.

The GQAS Standards (RAO) are intended as a set of guidelines for acceptable practices by institutions of further and higher education. They establish the standards of integrity, professionalism, and confidentiality which all parties are bound to respect and adhere to. These Standards can also be used as guidelines for self-assessment and a tool for quality improvement.

Failure to comply with the rules and principles embodied in the GQAS Standards may lead to the imposition of penalties. The defaulting institution could face demotion and the loss of accreditation.