Benefits of Your Membership

GQAS membership is your gateway to a fulfilling experience. Become a member today and enjoy professional and personal growth as prospective students and institutional partners develop trust and confidence in your working practices. Here are a few benefits you'll receive:

A GQAS Certified Institution

Our clients enjoy continuous support in enhancing the quality of what they have to offer, in improving performance, and in distinguishing themselves in the market. When you come on board with GQAS, you will enjoy:

  • UK/International endorsement
  • Support and advice in the maintenance and enhancement of the quality of your provision
  • A more prominent profile, better recognition and more credibility
  • The quality of training and learning you provide being measured by a robust and systematic process
  • Your institution being given assurance of the good standing of an institution to government departments and other interested bodies
  • The ability to state publicly that your institution has voluntarily accepted independent inspection and has satisfied GQAS that all relevant aspects of your operation are maintained at a satisfactory level.


  • Being assisted by, and learning from the experts – GQAS is staffed and governed by leaders in the field of F/HE accreditation
  • Receive regular news and updates - Keep up-to-date on the latest in your industry
  • Obtain a UK accreditation without exorbitant cost - We deliver UK accreditations at just a fraction of the usual cost required by other UK based accreditation bodies
  • Develop a network – Connect with other institutions in F/HE and learn what they do as best practices to maintain or improve their ranking with GQAS and students
  • Support Industry Quality Standards - Have your say by contributing to standards development in accreditation