From the Director

Students today are faced with a plethora of choices when it comes to further and higher education providers. It is not enough to simply have a presence. To attract these students and compel them to choose your organisation, you have to first stand out from the noise that permeates a crowded and competitive market. There is no better partner with whom to take that journey than with GQAS.

Welcome to GQAS, game changers in the field of further and higher education. As an independent accreditation service for the private education sector, we set high standards by which our performance and that of our clients are measured.

UK accreditation enjoys global recognition as a mark of quality for educational institutions and centres. GQAS brings this prestigious accreditation to you our clients, meeting you where you are at, and helping you to excel. Your institution will be given a customised programme developed specifically to cater to your needs.

To achieve this, GQAS will perform an objective assessment of your organisation, using detailed audits of your processes, policies and systems. Your input on where you want your institution to be, and collected data indicating where you are at, will be used to design an individualised programme to help your institution maintain the standard required to remain accredited.

GQAS operates a very stringent programme that ensures all the F/HE institutions we accredit and monitor maintain a high standard. The GQAS Standards outline acceptable practices between GQAS and you our clients. It establishes the standards of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality which all parties are bound to respect and adhere to. Please view the RAO Standards to inform yourself about what we expect of our clients.

Our dedication to playing our part in expanding this industry, our first hand knowledge of the value UK accreditation adds to institutions, agencies, and service providers, relationships forged with other important game changers in the industry, and our effective guidelines for self-assessment and quality improvement, keeps GQAS and our clients poised for continued growth and success.

You will become a member of a very prestigious family of educational partners. We look forward to having you on board, and look forward to taking that walk with you as your institution charts its way to success.