Governance / Organisational structure

GQAS operations are overseen by the GQAS Board. The Board acts as the senior decision-making body for GQAS, considering and approving strategy and utilising the ideas, expertise and experience of members.

Terms of reference for GQAS Board


The GQAS Board is charged with the responsibility of:

  • Approving the mission and strategic vision of GQAS
  • Considering GQAS`s long term business plans
  • Considering and approving initiatives relating to marketing and promotion
  • Approving and reviewing KPIs and annual budgets.
  • Establishing and monitoring systems of control and accountability, including financial and operational controls and risk assessment
  • Monitoring and reviewing GQAS standards, policies and procedures and their application
  • Monitoring performance against plans, targets, projects and KPIs
  • Formally reviewing its own effectiveness on a five yearly basis
  • Establishing and overseeing the GQAS Accreditation Committee
  • Approving Inspector selection decisions


The Board comprises the Directors of GQAS and interested persons who can bring particular experience, expertise and/or financial resources to bear on the management of the organisation.

Meeting frequency and duration

The Board will meet four times per calendar year. Meeting duration will not normally exceed three hours.