Strategic Priorities

GQAS remains fully committed to fulfilling its established mission, and will thoughtfully balance ongoing support and development of critical services and programmes presently in existence with the pursuit of excellence and innovation, as embodied in the following ambitious strategic priorities. Emphasis will be placed on clarifying and communicating the value of GQAS to members and their stakeholders. We will:

Provide increasing value to clients in the accreditation process

Ensure that there is efficiency and effectiveness in the quality assurance process and improve communication

Strategic Goals:

  • Ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the combined measures of self-evaluation and on-site inspections as the foundation of quality assurance
  • Improve communications to our membership and external agencies
  • Create internal research measures that support institutional and commission efforts, and provides the public with information related to the quality of further and higher education in the region
  • Pilot a risk-based approach to accreditation

Further highlight the distinctions among, and help the public to gain a better understanding of, the operations and zonal authority of accreditors, and government regulatory bodies.

Strategic Goals:

  • Help to increase the public’s understanding of accreditors' appropriate role
  • Support the efforts of regional accreditors to clarify our appropriate role with the government
  • Support regional efforts to ensure appropriately delineated roles and responsibilities for regions

Be responsive and adaptive to the changing nature of further and higher education and accreditation, including increasing concerns about student success and value to taxpayers

Strategic Goals:

  • Maintain a nimble and responsive position as a leading accreditation body that understands public needs and concerns as they relate to the quality of courses offered by accredited further and higher education institutions
  • Lend support to institutional innovation in response to the changing nature of further and higher education
  • Be responsive to emerging markets for accreditation services and determine the appropriate balance of regional and international institutions in membership
  • Develop advocacy measures in response to political concerns and demands

These priorities and the associated goals will guide the work of GQAS and staff during the 2017-18 period.

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